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Microcontrollers Embedded Design

Microcontrollers Embedded DesignPut Vnisource's experience in microcontroller embedded systems design to work for you. With extensive knowledge in embedded hardware and firmware design, we can efficiently develop high quality and cost effective solutions to your microcontroller-based embedded application.

Our engineers have on average 10 years experience in embedded development covering an extensive array of microcontrollers and microprocessors and embedded operating systems using many various programming languages.

  • A quick summary of our talents are:
    • Embedded firmware (8051, 80x86, 68HC1X, Z80, RABBIT, PIC, …)
    • Hardware development (schematics, PCB layout, prototyping, debugging)
    • Project Management
    • All TCP/IP microcontroller-based solutions (RCM3XXX and RCM2XXX RabbitCore)

  • Other capabilities:
  • System Design
    • Low, Full and High Speed Ethernet devices and development systems
    • TCP/IP Host product development
    • Telephone/Video Security systems
    • Windows based network management systems

    Hardware Design
    • Ethernet peripherals
    • TCP/IP Host devices
    • Wireless communication components
    • Microprocessor systems (8051, 80x86, 68HC1X, Z80, RABBIT, PIC, …)
    • Interfaces to Flash

    Software/Firmware Design
    • Windows XP/ME/2000/98/95 application and driver development
    • Real-time embedded applications
    • Protocol and control
    • Embedded OS development
    • C/C++, Assembly language for all processors
    • Visual BASIC

    Let us help you get to market FAST! Contact us now to discuss your project development needs and we will provide an affordable and efficient quote. Put our experience and enthusiasm to work for you. Simply fill out the project request form, call us at (469) 675-0267, or email at

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