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PCB Batch Routing

At Vnisource, we offer 3 distinct routing methodologies: Manual Route, Auto Route and Interactive Route that work the way you want.

  • Manual Route:
  • For PCB layout where you need total control, manual routing is provided. Manual layout and route of very dense, highly complex circuit boards are our area of expertise.

    The best autorouter in the market such as SPRECCTRA® has their place; however, high-speed digital, analog, or RF circuits depend on careful component placement, orientation, and signal routing. In addition, simply because we human have a far better judgement of how to arrange and route circuitry than machine. In such critial designs, we never leave these tasks to the sole discretion of automated place-and-route tools.

  • Auto Route:
  • For those who wants quick breadboard prototye or preliminary route before starting actual route, we have Expert Designers using SPECCTRA® Router, the world's most powerful PCB autorouter, for your digital, analog, mixed technology and hi-density BGAs designs. We apply hi-speed design capabilities and crosstalk control using DO script file.

    Each job we thoroughly review all your electrical and manufacturing specs. Every job is given individual attention as a unique design challenge. Our low prices reflect our unique skills, knowledge and hi efficiency tools.

    • 7/24 routing on our cluster Intel 3.2Ghz SPECCTRA® servers
    • Best quality, lowest prices, quickest turn-around
    • NO-Risk Guarantee for First-Time Customers
    • Preliminary routing review before starting actual route
    • NO obligation FREE trial route for your 1st board!
    • Same day starts. Same day delivers. Weekend routing

  • Interactive Route:
  • The best PCB route can be performed using our unique semi-automatic routing methodology. First we work with your EE interactively on how to arrange circuitry, place and orientate component, and manually route critical signals. We then carefully trace out the approximate required route path, and leave the autorouter to construct a corresponding route that obeys all design rules.

    Finally, we apply SPECCTRA® Router, the fully automatic multi-pass routing mode provides state-of-the-art batch routing. We create constraint and design rules in .DO script file to control which signals or components are routed. During routing we view the progress graphically, and even interrupt the router to modify the settings or intervene with manual routing.

    This Interaction allows us to route the board quickly and still maintain a high degree of control over the finished result.

    Whatever routing method you prefered, we can apply our expert knowledge to your next designs. You'll be amazed at what Vnisource can do.

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