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About Vnisource

Vnisource is in the business to help electronic manufacturers and suppliers accelerating product design time to market. We are staffed the most talent and experience in specialized design engineering disciplines to fill the gaps and peak loads in customers' internal resources. Vnisource is dedicated to meet the demand of its customers through offering products and services:

As a small company, we are capable of rapidly responding to customer needs and evolving specifications. We are well-equipped to help turn your concept into a product.  We have experienced phenomenal growth since our inception and foresee that trend continuing as we develop new and innovative products and services.

Founded in 1997, Vnisource is a Dallas, Texas-based minority owned engineering and manufacturing services firm. Independent investors and employees funded the company. Vnisource main office is located at 1817 Matilda Dr. Suite 120, Plano, Texas 75025.

Our Mission

Our mission is "To become an integral part of customers' design team by listen to what our customers want, accelerate product design time so customers can get the products to market faster — before the competition does."

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